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Description of Classes


This is a 4 hour clinic designed to introduce the shooter to the principles and techniques used to effectively deploy their handgun in low/no light situations. FBI statistics show that most shootings occur in these conditions. We will begin by discussing and practicing techniques for shooting and manipulating our handgun with the aid of a flashlight during daylight, then during the 20 minutes of dusk and after dark, we put these techniques into practice in low and no-light situations. Equipment and ammo requirements: Safe, serviceable handgun of caliber suitable for personal protection (9mm/.38 Spl. or larger), quality holster and mag./speedloader pouches, 200 rds. of ammo., eye and ear protection, clothing suitable for any weather, and a good flashlight (preferably a Surefire or Scorpion, etc.). Prerequisite: None. Hours: Depends on time of year, 2 hours before dark till 2 hours after dark. The cost for this class is $50. Click here to sign up online, "ONLINE COURSE APPLICATIONS"


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