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This is a 1-day, 12 hour, Tactical First Aid class, that will cover most of the Life Threatening injuries, that statistically, we in the Shooting/Tactical Community have a higher than average chance of being involved in, whether directly, or just being present on the scene. The class is designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to Identify, Treat, and Stabilize the type of injuries that we are most likely to see, on the range, while hunting, or in a tactical environment. We will cover low, medium, and high velocity gun shot wounds, puncture wounds and lacerations caused by knives or other implements, as well as blunt trauma. We will also cover how to recognize, and treat "shock", REAL SHOCK, not what TV and Movies portray it as. The class will not only include discussion and video, etc., but there will also be hands on training in the proper use of first aid supplies. You will learn just what those supplies should be, and where to obtain them. Unfortunately, most folks taking a class like this, won't go put together a kit with the items needed. That's why each student of this class will be provide with their own Blow Out Bag. The kit will be made up of items you can readily purchase from WalMart, or Walgreen's, etc., however, we will have some of the more sophisticated, easier to use items on hand for purchase as well. This class is designed for today's societal situation, where we can expect trained medical help to arrive on scene in less than an hour. We will learn how to stop the bleeding, restore breathing, etc., and stabilize the victim until we can hand them off to the medics. Hours: 8 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. The cost for this class is $150, which includes your own Blow Out Bag. Click here to sign up online, "ONLINE COURSE APPLICATIONS"



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